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October 12, 2006


I'm glad you got to talk to Bruce about it and make this post. However, I fear that an irreparable amount of damage has been unleashed by the thoughtless, viscious email. Even I, as someone who didn't give the email much credence from the start, will remember the image that it invoked.

But alas, I'm as guilty as these parties in other areas of my life. When will we learn to view life experiences in their complete redemptive processes instead of jumping to extremism at the drop of a hat?

Please note that on snopes.com this story going around in e-mails was not taken as gospel, so your blog is misleading.

Please also note that Arby's did not lose my business because of this story. Arby's lost my business a very long time ago because the food isn't very good.

Thank you.

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