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October 28, 2009


“If what we (united) are doing inside church’s, venues etc is having no effect outside then whats the point of it all”

We're All In This Together is a documentary filmed and featuring the Hillsong United Crew. As discussed in a previous blog it's about many stories we have encountered along the way that all lead to the one story. It's about justice, love, hope. It includes interviews, animations, opinions and tiny amounts of music. It is not the same as part 1 - With Hearts As One - that was the music, this is the story - the heart behind The I Heart Revolution if you like. Can't wait! It's gonna be incredible!

Be sure to check out www.givmusic.com/iheartfilm to sign to be a part of this fast approaching life-changing event. While you are there, you can also find a free download by Hillsong!

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